4 Common Mindset That Holds Entrepreneurs Back From Taking Action

As an entrepreneur, as many things as you have to tackle, there's one thing that can derail your success if you don't keep it in check: your mind. The way you think about you. The way you think about your work. The way you think about your business. These are the...
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How To Hire The Best Talent For Your Business As An Entrepreneur?

The rising demand for entrepreneurs invites for the search of better and the best talent in the city. For every entrepreneur,  hiring the best talent for their business is priority and challenge as well. When it comes to recruiting the best of the best, businesses...
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7 Toughest Challenges Faced By Female Entrepreneurs In India

From ancient era, females are always assumed to be less productive and less creative compared to males. However, years pass on and time changes. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it was considered as man’s dominant but, according to the data from the National...
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Find How Passion Leads Profession - Next2entrepreneur
By Samruddhi Sawant / June 14, 2017

When Passion Leads You To Your Dream Project

Entering a billion dollar industry and sustaining it is a tough thing to do. But today, we are going to...

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Growth Strategies, Leadership
By Samruddhi Sawant / June 12, 2017

Tips To Build A Successful Partnership

It’s truly all about partnership. Although not everyone needs a partner to start their entrepreneurial journey, we have great examples...

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What are the Startup - challenges Faced in India
Growth Strategies, New Markets
By Samruddhi Sawant / June 7, 2017

5 Challenges That Startups Face

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with many ups and downs. The initial years, especially, are filled with many downs i.e....

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Treat your failure - as an Opportunity onNext2enterpreneurs.com
Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Starting a Business
By n2e-admin / May 31, 2017

“Failure Is an Opportunity to Reinvent Yourself”

When failure becomes the motivation to success, great examples are formed. Today, we are going to get you acquainted with...

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How to Build Entrepreneurs - with Parents support.
Entrepreneurs, Leadership, Productivity
By n2e-admin / May 31, 2017

How Parents Can Help In Building a Young Entrepreneur

Taking up entrepreneurship at a young age has its own challenges. Balancing academics, work and keeping clients happy needs a...

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Know the Benefits of social media - For Business
Growth Strategies, New Markets
By n2e-admin / May 31, 2017

How social media can help startups to grow

Approximately 2.3 bn people in the world are on social media   Using social media for business proving to be...

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Know How Hobby is Turned in to Business - Next2Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs, Starting a Business
By n2e-admin / May 16, 2017

When Your Hobby Drives Your Inner Entrepreneur

  “Turn your hobby into Business/profession” how many times have we heard this suggestion? But today, we have the perfect...

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learn Setting Goals - Business objective onNext2entrepreneur.com
Business Management, Business Structures, Growth Strategies, Managing Employees, Productivity, Starting a Business
By Smruti / May 3, 2017

Setting Business Goals: What’s your World Cup?

Leadership will always have its ups and downs, and so does business. When your business, which took years of efforts...

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Find Some Free Tools for Startup for Business Management
Business Management, Entrepreneurs, Growth Strategies, Leadership, Productivity
By Smruti / May 3, 2017

Popular Tools for Startups-For a Better Business Management

There are a lot of tools for startups available in the market.everybody understands that the making of a successful business...

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