In today’s business world, the demand for media relation is high. While you make a plan of action for your business, one of the most important things is how to pitch a journalist? Media is an effective tool for you to reach your target audience.

Once you begin with your business, at one point you may find your business lack of print as well as digital promotion. Then you start finding contacts from the media industry. But how to pitch them in the correct way? How to send them those perfect emails to get a reply? Remember, public relation plays the vital role in your business growth. Once you get an answer to the question why PR is the most important promotional tool for your business, you can easily pitch any media. So now let’s have a look at few easy and simple ways to pitch media.

  • Contact through email –

If there is an official and universal agreement among the journalist then it is our favourite contact method – email. Even though in today’s social media world, this system may look out of date. But, if you draft an email with correct and exact information, it is the most sufficient and prefered way to explain your topic.

  • Remember the golden rule of Journalism – ‘KISS’ format

While pitching to any media expert, one of the most important rules you should follow is to ‘keep it short & simple.’ Journalist’s are always running out of time. They may not have time to read those lengthy emails, messages etc. Focus on what exactly is your intention and draft your pitch according to it. Keep your font style, the size easily viewable and readable as well.

  • Follow up twice once you send your initial pitch –

On an average, media professionals received around 500 emails per day. Hence, there are chances of your email might get lost in the shuffle. If this happens, then send another follow-up email after the 2-3 days of your initial pitch.

Even after second mail, you didn’t get any response from the journalist then send the third one and obviously, it will be the last one. Because even after three emails if you are not getting a reply from the media then there might be something wrong with your message. So stop sending another email otherwise it may annoy the journalist and ruin the relationship before it begins.

  • Make sure you are pitching the right person –

While drafting an email or text message for any media person, you have to make sure whether you are contacting the right person or not? If you aren’t 100 percent sure who the right person is, go on LinkedIn and check out the media contact’s job description. You can check Twitter too.

By implementing these ways, on can get a journalist to read your pitch.