Are you in search of a unique and exciting profitable business? To start with a new profitable business one requires a lot of guts and persistence. In today’s competitive world, it’s not easy to sustain and feature a stable enterprise. There are plenty of businessmen who started well with their business but ends up in shutting down due to lack of finance, stability, patience and last but not the least deficit in business.

You can start a new business with the aim of more profit based on their skills, abilities and talent. Those who are keen on art can deal with book illustration, developing animated videos for businesses, graphic designer, hand paint designs on furniture and other decorative items.

Having an excellent knowledge about technology and computer software you can enjoy great success in app developing, computer consulting, IT services provider, search engine optimization etc. Whereas one that has writing capabilities and interest in it is able to begin as a content writer, copywriter, columnist and so on.

If you are looking for a business with low investments then there are numerous alternatives available for you. From being a birthday party planner or being a recruiter to other companies, you could strive your future. Dancing class, Sports coaching, translator etc are another interesting ideas one can actually start with low investments.

To attract youth you can start with fitness centre, beauty parlour etc. Even from home, one can do various activities like freelance writing, blogging, jewellery making, babysitting, candle making and so on. All these jobs consist low investment, however, can earn a far better earnings.

Small business ideas list includes food stall/ restaurant, digital photography service, newspaper stalls, furniture making, home decorations, painting. Whereas profitable business list includes a travel agency, mobile recharge shop, online bakery, online dairy, youtube channel, advertising campaign developer, wedding consultant, social media operator, author/scriptwriter and plenty more.

With the aim of a specific goal, one can definitely enjoy all kinds of business from small scale to big scale in India. From being a newspaper vendor to turn out to be an editor, being a man with general knowledge about technology to the software engineer everything is possible. You just have to focus enough and have the patience to revel in achievement and growth.