It’s truly all about partnership. Although not everyone needs a partner to start their entrepreneurial journey, we have great examples partnerships leading their organisations to success. Google by George and Larry, Twitter by Evan and Biz, Microsoft by Bill and Paul. It is beautiful how partnerships create great success stories. Let’s see a few tips to build a successful partnership.


Understanding your partner:

A certain level of understanding between the co-founders is the basic thing any organisation needs. We have many examples of great partnerships where the co-founders have known each other and been friends with each other for several years even before the venture started. recently featured a story about Infinite Creations, founded by two young entrepreneurs Ananya and Aneri. They have been the best of friends for almost eight years. Living in the same building and choosing the same college, these girls started making gifts for their parents and friends. A year earlier, when they decided to turn their hobby of creating handmades to their profession, they did it together.

“We have argued a lot of times over which color to choose, which theme to apply, but eventually we do understand the other’s perspective and go for the best.” says the co-founder Ananya. Which takes us to the next point of having little arguments.


Having those small arguments:

Every person has their own perspective, their own point of view. Small arguments generally lead to a perfect thing, the big idea. Like Ananya said, “The partners generally argue but also understand and respect each other’s perspective. The understanding between the partners is the most important thing for any organisation.


Common vision:

No ship can go in two directions at the same time. The same is with your organisation. Two leaders should guide the organisation in one direction and not two different ones.

One partner of Next2Entrepreneur is which also features an extremely successful partnership- Mr.Amol Ghodke and Mrs.Smruti Palwe Ghodke. “We have a common vision of creating awareness about the health benefits of milk and milk products”, said Mrs.Smruti Palwe Ghodke.

It is very important to have a common vision for a successful partnership.



Startups need their partners to cooperate and help each other grow. Respecting other’s decision should be the first thing a partner can do, even if his own point of view is different. With great responsibilities, comes great conflict. But this can be resolved if the partners co-operate with each other. One feature story Next2Entrepreneur will be coming up with is about Avega. The co-founders at Avega, Mr.Bhushan and Ms.Shruti have always helped each other to grow. “We have grown as entrepreneurs because of each other. One year back, we had an office in Vashi, but because of certain problems, we had to close it down. However, because we have always cooperated and helped each other grow, we again were able to come up with an office in the same area after almost a year. This was a big achievement for us” says the co-founder, Mr.Bhushan Patil. Thus, you see, business partnership is a successful business structure


So how to build a successful partnership? These four are the basics of it. The key to constant growth is to communicate and to keep honing your skills. This will ensure the growth of your organisation.

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