Approximately 2.3 bn people in the world are on social media


Using social media for business proving to be a boon for startups, not only in marketing, but many startups are solely present on social media platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook.

Recently Next2Entrepreneur featured a story about Infinite Creations where the co-founders use their talents and create personalized handmades for customers to gift to their beloved ones. The 1-year-old startup exists only on Instagram and Facebook and is growing at an amazing rate. This brings us to the main question- How can social media help startups to grow? Are there some unique ways to grow your business? How to use social media for business?


Creates Awareness and helps to gain Attention:

At the very initial stage, at least creating awareness amongst each and every person you know is a must. They can be the best marketers of your brand, as the word of mouth is considered to be one important marketing tools.

Even the co-founders of Infinite Creations used WhatsApp and Facebook extensively at the initial stage to make friends, relatives and people living nearby them aware about the launch of their business.

Today, there are hundreds of Instagram business account which depend solely on this very social networking platform. If your brand uses the platform to its full potential and stands out of the clutter, it can also gain the desired attention. Spreading the news about your business gives a boost to the growth stage of your startup. Not only the youth but people of all the ages are turning to social media for entertainment. What better platform could there possibly be to put your word across?


Generates Interest:

Generating interest is an important step for increasing sales. After creating awareness, generating interest in your brand can also be done through social media platforms. For this, you have to use the social media platforms in the right way:

Pinterest and Instagram are all about visuals whereas Facebook is all about the content as well as visuals.

Interacting with the customers is the easiest way to generate interest in your product. You always have to be present for your customer to solve every doubt of theirs related to your product or brand. There always are alternatives to which even your most loyal customers can go to if you are not giving them the answers they need.

One example of the perfect usage of social media for business was by Awesome Dairy. The e commerce platform is first of its kind in Mumbai, where people can order for milk and milk products online. It used all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and thus created interest in the consumer’s mind.


Creates desire:

Although the attention span of a consumer is short, you can always create a desire for your brand by telling them, how you can be helpful to them, generally over the others.

Instagram and Facebook show the insights of posts i.e. you can track the desire of your product in people’s mind by observing the reach or engagement, etc. if you place perfect content and perfect images on this platform, it will create desires.


Transforms Everything Into Action:

Last but not the least- Attention, interest and desire, all lead to action. Action means leading people to buy your product. Afterall, the end goal of any business is to generate sales. Promoting your business through social media transforms everything into action.


The results of using social media extensively have always been positive. You can do marketing of new businesses easily. So, if you are a startup and looking forward to promoting your brand, remember social media does help startups to grow. Also, if you want to understand the social media in depth, Next2Entrepreneur is conducting a social media workshop on 3rd June 2017 which is free of cost session. The session would be conducted by Digital Marketing Experts. Do attend it to understand the social media extensively.

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