There are a lot of tools for startups available in the market.everybody understands that the making of a successful business has a lot of failure stories attached to it. It is not an easy journey, but you can always use a little help to reduce the hardships. So here we are, to help you through your startup journey. Here are different tools for startups which can be helpful. These are the tools that could help new business.


Managing Project:

  • Asana   

Many startups trust and use asana extensively. It is basically a project and task manager which enables team communication and collaboration. The structure is team-friendly and has prioritised feature so that no employee misses a serious deadline. You can assign different roles to everybody.


  • Wunderlist

This is one of the simplest tools to work with. From making laundry list to work related task, you can do anything on it. It is pretty easy to use on-the-go to keep a track of all your tasks.


  • Trello

Using Trello, you can create different boards for different tasks so that it is visually easier to keep a track of everything easily. So, everything is pretty sorted and doesn’t look like a clustered file.


Web Tools:

  • Balsamiq:

It helps you to develop software by letting you sketch ideas easily. The main advantage of using this tool is that you don’t need to start over to rearrange the elements. Using Balsamiq is as easy as drawing with a pencil but on a digital platform.


  • Visio:

It helps you create professional diagrams for website layouts. It is easy to use and also provides you with multi-file support.


  • Prezi:

Being a successful startup, there are times when you have to pitch your ideas to the client. Making a traditional, boring presentation is now in the past. Instead of making slides back-to-back or adding animated video, you can create a cinematic presentation on a single vast canvas and zoom in and out of the content you want.


  • Keynote:

Similar to PowerPoint it helps you create slides but with more features. One difference between PowerPoint and Keynote is that you can give different transitions to different elements e.g. Even to different rows and columns of a table.


Brainstorming Ideas

  • Buzzsumo

You just have to type in an URL or a topic and you will receive loads of information from all around the world. This helps you to decide on the perfect angle for your content and to know which keyword been searched the most. This can help your startup’s blog in the long run.


  • Quora

Quora comes to your rescue when you want to know what your audiences are actually thinking. A place where real people ask questions and real people answer them. Using this can tell you which topic has more followers, how people think about a certain situation, product or services, etc. Just type in your topic or your query and wait for other people or experts in that field to answer you.


E-mail Handler

  • is artificial intelligence which schedules meetings for you. It acts like your personal assistants and saves your time to personally write out certain emails.



The email automation tool helps you send out messages to the masses.



  • Hemingway App

For your product or service to reach out to clients and consumers and to get registered in their mind, your content has to be strong and stand out from the rest. To upgrade the quality of your content you can always trust Hemingway. Your customers will be more than happy to read about your startup if the content quality is good.


  • Grammarly

Simple spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes in your content can put off the reader. Just go to Grammarly, paste your content and it corrects any mistake it notices. This helps you to upgrade the quality of your content.


Collecting data:

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you analyse your customer base. It actually has many helpful features some of which are keyword research, uploading the sitemap, gives you crawl status, internal links to your site, setting or knowing your target demographics, etc


  • Google Alerts

Google alerts is one underrated tool which is extremely useful for startups. Just set a topic on alert and whatever is uploaded on web related to the topic would land straight to your inbox.

Other Apps

For your startup, there are multiple other tools for various purposes like Canva for making images, Pawtoon for animations, topic generators, google docs for easier Microsoft office, etc.


Though these aren’t the only tools available, this list can help you go through your daily task with lesser difficulties and help you to manage businesses better. In the case of digital marketing though, why go to different tools to get different tasks done. Visit and get all your digital marketing work solutions at one click. Save your time and grow your startup and be the entrepreneur you always wanted to be.