Entering a billion dollar industry and sustaining it is a tough thing to do. But today, we are going to get you acquainted with one such story which sustained all the crises and challenges, which overcame everything to achieve success, the story of Gorgeous Look.

Gorgeous Look, the Indian fashion brand was started by Mrs.Rachana  Acharya and Mrs.Hemprabha Pandya. The venture was later joined by Mr.Aditya Deshmukh as the marketing partner. The company has spread its wings internationally in just two and a half years. This brand caters to clients in India, Australia, USA and Mauritius. “We are known internationally for our beautiful designs, best quality, on time delivery and value for money,” the co-founders say.

Gorgeous Look:

Clothing is a $3000 bn industry. Putting a step into the huge industry needs the passion for sustaining it. However, there are players who sell cheap replicas of reputed brands. People are cheated on a regular basis.

Thus the co-founders of Gorgeous Look started this venture to provide consumers with top quality products at affordable prices. Here, the co-founders design clothes and manufacture them. They also excel at re-selling and wholesaling.

The Early Days:

For Rachana, after completing her management studies, looking for a job was the only option as the whole family was job-oriented, and she did do it. However, in just 3-4 years she knew that working for a 9-5 job wasn’t her cup of tea. All she knew was that she wanted to do something for herself. In those years, many things had changed for her. She was a mother now. Balancing her family and profession was a risk she was ready to take and thus went ahead to create Gorgeous Look.

As for Aditya, jobs never gave him the peace and satisfaction he was looking for in life. Gaining a fair knowledge about startups by working in the Digital Marketing field, he joined Rachana. He enjoyed handling the duties of a co-founder. It was here that he found the satisfaction that he was looking for.

Working through the challenges:

The first challenge which Rachana faced was leaving her lucrative job. Belonging to a job-oriented family, taking a business-oriented route was the most difficult thing. Leaving her income security, fixed timings was a risk, but it was a risk which she was ready to take.

For both the founders, the next challenge was gaining their first few clients. The fashion industry is a saturated market and there are many leading players. Competing with them is difficult. Moreover, there is still a huge mass of people, in India and abroad, who do not buy clothes online. “We also wanted to cater to them. But we did not have any support at our initial stages,” the co-founders say. But they had decided to overcome all these challenges with just one feature- quality.

From Struggle to Success:

“We know that people still hesitate to buy clothes online. This is because the photos we see on some portals are totally different from the products which are delivered. Consumers have started feeling cheated. We wanted to provide customers ‘the best quality at best prices’. We have known from the start that if the quality is good, only then you can create an amount of interest and word of mouth among the customers,” the co-founders stated.

The first step they took was to forward their designs through WhatsApp Messenger to all their friends and relatives. The founders also held multiple exhibitions to showcase their designs. This created a great word of mouth publicity and that is how people started trusting them. They took one step at a time and this enabled them to become an international brand.

To tackle the problem of photos differing from the actual product, Gorgeous Look only deals with original manufacturers, designers and design clothes themselves.

“We only provide original stuff and also have total transparency about the information, the fabric, the price, etc. We don’t claim something and deliver something else. This has generated trust within our customers, business partners, traders and thus they look forward to do business with us.” said the founders

Happy time:

The best thing which has happened for the co-founders is the tremendous shift in the attitude of people towards online shopping. Shoppers who have never purchased clothes online have started purchasing happily from this brand. People who did not trust the online platform now show confidence towards Gorgeous Look and the trust on the e-commerce platform has been regenerated.

        The venture is also coming up with a unique business model. They will be involving more than 1000 families as their business partners within the next 3 months. This would help the families financially and let the members work from home. The idea behind this model is to start a movement to accelerate the Nation’s national income by helping more and more families to generate income. Gorgeous Look is also planning to spread its reach to all the continents.

Through this journey, the co-founders have surely learnt the value of self-help. The tagline of this brand maybe ‘The Difference Between Style and Fashion is- Quality’, but the truly unique point about Gorgeous Look is- ‘All that GLITTERS is indeed GOLD’


Contact Gorgeous Look:

Website: www.gorgeouslook.in

Facebook Link: Facebook.com/Gorgeous-Look

Contact number: +91 8319668798

Email id: cutestarzzz@gmail.com