How do you exactly set your action plans? What are the efforts you put in for the making of a successful entrepreneur? The problem is that most entrepreneurs design their action plans only for the achievement of measurable goals. So, how exactly should you design your action plan?

The key is to be the catalyst. To emerge as a leader, different from other entrepreneurs, you have to let go of the control you have on everything. You have to give your team some space to grow. You don’t have to be perfect at everything.

Everyone wants to be perfect. To get everything done perfectly, most entrepreneurs work like a cattle. They work for and run to each and every department time and again. This is known as the perfection syndrome.

But actually, perfection is a myth. Perfection, in reality, does not exist and the role of a leader is never to be perfect, it is to create progress. And when does progress happen?

To become a successful entrepreneur needs to understand the five D’s:

  • Doing only those things which are absolutely necessary.
  • Things which your departments can handle.
  • Things which seem important but actually aren’t.
  • Things which are unimportant or can be delayed.

And the most important tip to become a successful businessman is-

  • Developing other leaders.

Developing leaders:

There are certain reasons why developing leaders is important. There are many unique ways to make a business successful, one is developing other leaders. Progress happens when leaders invest time in creating other leaders who can help them or when leaders understand the fact that one has to develop others with themselves. Except for certain tasks, which promotes the business, the making of a successful entrepreneur should involve developing leaders. Your success depends on how exactly you spend your personal time.

There always should be some people on your team who you should be constantly developing. Also, remember that there are certain principles to be learnt for becoming a successful entrepreneur.


  • Perfection is just a myth.
  • Become catalyst rather than working like cattle.
  • Keep developing other leaders.
  • Progress and productivity are more important than planning to gain perfection. As the first point suggests- perfection is just a myth.


So, rather than working hard, start working smart. This is one of the most unique ways to make a business successful. Don’t put all your time just to plan your success, rather put in time to implement your ideas in order to actually achieve it. making of a successful entrepreneur is not easy. It needs consistent and conscious practice.