Why do businesses fail? The reasons why a business fails can be many. However, a business cannot suddenly one day fail. Before failing, a business fails in the mind of the leadership team.

Out of the many reasons why a business fails, the most experienced is “Impossible” – A word which we use as per our own convenience. Impossible actually means that some task is unrealistic or beyond possibility, but we use the term in any way we want to.

Let’s have a look at a piece of discussion between a management team-

“We aren’t able to stop the declining graph of our sales. It’s been 2 months now. Can someone at least help?” Rachel needed someone to speak out.

“We have done enough in these 10 years. It is impossible to do anything else now. I need you to understand that we have put in a lot of efforts.” Ron immediately answered.

The Reason:

Observe the dead-end in this conversation. Do you think this management team will come up with any solution? The answer is NO! Impossible is just a lie used by us to comfort ourselves, just to run away from our responsibilities.

When we use the term so casually, we tend to ignore that we just toss out the possibility of actually getting the task completed, or we can say we are just tossing out the possibility to grow our business. We send out signals to our brain that the task cannot be completed and thus the mind stops thinking about any possible solution. It just accepts the failure.

Impossible is just a lock and finding a key to it is very difficult. We might also say that impossible is just a justification given when someone is unaware of something.

The solution to this? “I Don’t Know”. Learn to replace the word “impossible” with “I don’t know” and just observe the changes. ‘I don’t Know’ is a powerful phrase. It opens your mind to possibilities, to new answers. It inspires you to learn new things and come up with great solutions. After all, everything can be learned and learning never stop.

The problem with many entrepreneurs is that they are not flexible with changing and thus is one of the main reasons why a business fails.

Their approach and thus end up changing their goals. This doesn’t work. So, ‘Change your approach, not your plan’. This is one of the most unique ways to avoid failures.

Always remember to stay hungry and keep learning. There is always an answer to every problem. Thus, impossible is temporary.

Impossible Is Nothing