“Turn your hobby into Business/profession” how many times have we heard this suggestion? But today, we have the perfect example. When people were still thinking about which business to start, it was their hobby which led these young entrepreneurs towards building their own venture. From making gifts for their families and friends to selling their artistic creations, these entrepreneurs have come a long way in just a year.

Ananya Shah, 18 and Aneri Mehta, 17, two students of Xavier’s college believe that their venture, Infinite Creations is all about creating memories for a special occasion. Infinite Creations focuses on the idea of providing personalised and customised gifts for customers to gift to their beloved ones. They provide personalised attention to each and every customer of theirs and ask about the interests of the one to be gifted. Gifts are then customised according to the interests and not according to the handmades they already have.

The story of Ananya and Aneri is an amazing lesson for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there who want help in choosing the field for business. You don’t need to think twice, ‘your passion is your profession’.

The Early Days:

“My Mum loves creative things,” says Ananya. Her mother used to enrol Ananya in every school competition. She would always encourage her and give her creative cards and gifts. That was when she started loving handmades.
Since the early years, birthdays were very special for them. Both the girls used to create these beautiful gifts for their friends and families. The gifts were loved by all.

In 2016, their friends suggested them to take up making handmades as their profession and parents also supported this idea. Since then, there was no looking back. Infinite Creations has been online since a year now and both the founders are immensely proud about it.

From Struggle to Success:

With so many similar ventures on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Ananya and Aneri struggled to find their first few orders. Though the venture is still in the budding stage, the first few orders were the hardest.

“We had to use WhatsApp as our first medium. We circulated messages to everyone that we knew and informed them and created awareness about Infinite Creations. But this didn’t seem to work” Aneri stated, “Thus we started designing new schemes for our customers.” This helped them with the first few customers.

They recently have started a workshop for spreading the art of their creativity. Enrollment at the early stages was a huge challenge in front of them. They personally went to their neighbours and other people who reside in their building and also the people who work in their parent’s office to spread the word about the workshop. Apart from engaging with people on WhatsApp, they used their creativity, also for gaining more customers. They created a video for spreading awareness about their workshop. The video was bollywood themed with the starting dialogue, “Yaade Mithai Ki Tarah Hoti Hai” (A dialogue from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani). This eventually increased the numbers of enrollments.

Handling college with a venture was a whole new challenge. With more and more orders coming in and two people to handle it all, it was becoming difficult. But by overcoming all these challenges, the young entrepreneurs have come a long way. They are now planning to increase the spread of their venture.

“We have received many compliments, but one which we will never forget came very recently. We both had joined a leadership program. On the last day, we decided to gift handmades to our coaches. This was like one big order for us and we were very excited. When we handed over the gifts to them, they just loved it. Everyone acknowledges, but putting in the efforts and creating something so beautiful was the first instance for them. This is one complement which neither of us will forget,” said the founders of Infinite Creations.

Helping society with profession:

Ananya and Aneri have contributed towards the society at such a young age. They initiated the ‘honk-free Mumbai project’. “My dad never honks on the streets. It adds tremendously to the noise pollution.” stated Ananya.
They started by reaching out to vehicle owners, asking them not to honk and informed them about the prevailing noise pollution. They distributed handmade stickers which said, “Shh! No Honking” to the vehicle and rickshaw owners.
Our entrepreneurs have been acknowledged by RTO and Traffic Police as the ‘Traffic Ambassadors’ which was a proud moment for them. So, next time you see a ‘Shh! No Honking’ sticker, remember our young artists made it.

The next big mission of the venture is to spread across Mumbai and they are looking forward on including more members in their team. Infinite Creations is present on Facebook and Instagram and hopes to spread on other social sites.
Ananya and Aneri have created their venture by following their passion. This was the very perfect example of “Hobby Is The Best Profession”.

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