When failure becomes the motivation to success, great examples are formed. Today, we are going to get you acquainted with one such unheard ‘failure turned into success’ story; the story which will tell you the importance of self-help; the story of Avega

Avega, the Digital Marketing and Web Designing Agency, which formally started in 2015, was founded by Mr.Bhushan Patil and Ms.Sruthi Eamdiwar. The company works on an interesting model, named as 14 days delivery model. They have always stood by the clients and provided timely deliveries. The most important thing is that Avega has a 100% customer satisfaction rate since the last two years and this was only because they have always treated their clients as family.


Generally, companies depend a lot on IT industries for maintenance and the smallest updates, even after a website is made. The field appears to be very complicated to the people who are new to it. Thus, the co-founders decided to simplify the process. They started offering simple solutions to the complicated problems. One of the many solutions involves totally handing over the site to the clients, with the pre-updates.

Childhood Conditioning:

Confidence and self-help are some values which Bhushan had inculcated since his early days. He attended the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC), T.S. Jawahar, Mumbai and since then joining the Indian Navy was the only option. Slowly and steadily he drifted towards entrepreneurship in the later years.

“Training at Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) made me strong, emotionally and mentally, and also gave me immense confidence. When you are in uniform, you don’t see yourself getting hired on a salary basis. You rarely have the attraction for money. This helped me a lot in my entrepreneurial journey.” he says.

Fermented by Failure:

When Avega started, the co-founders worked part time. It was when the clients started pouring in that they decided to go full time. Belonging to a job oriented family, it was difficult to head for the business-oriented route.

“When we started, we did not have any office. I, my partner and our employees and clients used to meet at my home and work. There was no financial safety and we also had to cut down on our lifestyle. Neither did we have any investment when we started. We just started off with some projects that we had” says the co-founder.

In a few years, they gained same very reputed clients. But the crises did not stop there. They got a good investor in a few months. They also set up an office in Vashi. But in only two months, they realised that something wasn’t working out. Eventually, they had to cut loose from the investor soon. Due to the loss of investment, they also had to lose their office. The only thing that the partners didn’t lose was hope.

They took the time to start again; they went on vacations and took some time off. After coming back, they started from ground zero and reinvented themselves.

The Happy Days at Avega:

In a few months, Avega started seeing happy days. They got some wonderful projects and thus received the well-deserved success. When asked what your achievements are, the co-founder proudly says, “We have seen our clients grow and nothing can make me feel any prouder. One of our first clients is an owner of a coaching class. A few weeks back he was featured in the top 50 educational startup owners for his startup named Dinasim Learning”

“There also was an instance when we launched a website and one of the pages on it had to be taken down in just 3 hours because of the enormous response that we received from the audiences.”

Now, working on the value of self-help, without the support of any investor this time, the co-founders set up an office again in Vashi. This was their biggest achievement.


Avega looks forward to exploring new fields in a couple of years. The co-founders are currently in the process of creating new leaders. It is rightly said ‘true leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.’

“We have always been easy to work with. Although we have faced challenges, now the efforts are paying back,” says Bhushan.

One person who has been with Bhushan through his journey is Sruthi. “I am the one who does client meetings and thus I am in the limelight. But 80% of what Avega creates is by Sruthi. Although she always stays in the background, the credit of making Avega successful also goes to her. She has supported me throughout my journey.”

The co-founders have kept patience and maintained values and thus are seeing success. It is true that passion does build great things for you and Avega, in Sanskrit, Avega does mean passion.

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