One of the most important factors for growing your business is ‘change’. This change should be in you. As a leader, for growing your business you have to inculcate certain habits which absolutely necessary for business growth.

Today let’s take a look at one sentence we have been believing in since our childhood.

Rome was not built in a day.

This was said by John Heywood, an English Playwright nearly hundreds of years ago.

But this is a lie. Yes! Rome was not built in a day is a lie. Don’t be astonished. Let’s take a look at another side of the story, let’s complete the phrase.

Rome was not built in a day

But they were laying bricks every hour.

Generally, when do we use this proverb? When we want to buy more time by delaying the task. And what happens when we delay the task? The goal is delayed. Remember, although Rome was not built in a day, progress was made every single hour, let’s say every single minute. It was the consistent efforts which led to the creation of such a beautiful empire. When we have this marvellous example in front of us, why do we still delay building our own empire?

Consistent Practice:

Dear entrepreneurs, think about it, what are you telling your brain when you use this proverb? What does using this proverb do for your business growth? Just nothing. All you command your brain to do is to relax and delay your tasks, to delay your success.

Now, let’s think different. What do you tell your brain when you think- Rome was built every single day?  You are pushing it to take immediate actions, to put in consistent efforts and consistent efforts are important in growing your business.

We understand that for you, your businesses are like your children and that is why, today, we tell you one of the most important points to remember, to take one more step towards success.

‘Conscious and consistent small steps take you towards the big success’

Yes, change does take some time. But it to come along, it needs consistent practice. You need to develop new habits to grow your leadership skills. Your practice makes you better than what you are and progress is all you want and all you need. So-

Consistent practice is surely the key.