Leadership will always have its ups and downs, and so does business. When your business, which took years of efforts to grow, is declining in front of your eyes, it is human that the leadership gets into the cycle of helplessness and limitation. You have to carefully complete the step of setting business goals. But how to set your goals? What are the steps in achieving business aspirations?

To get out of this cycle of, all it takes is an aspiration. Let’s find out how setting goals can affect the outcome of the efforts we are putting in.

Here, we are taking an example which is very different from entrepreneurship, but Indian’s can surely connect to this. One nation that takes cricket very passionately is India. We won our first World Cup, when it was least expected, in 1983, when India was still an underdog in the sport.

For many years after that, during every World Cup Tournament, the cricket team happened to break hopes of their fans by not winning the cups.

There was also a time when the world’s top 5 batsmen were all Indians, but they still weren’t able to lay their hands on victory. During a few tournaments, they also lost some pretty easy matches. The Indian cricket team was experiencing a downfall.

The situation went out of hands in 2007 when Indian fans took to setting houses of the players ablaze. The coach, Greg Chappel resigned and the captain Rahul Dravid stepped down from captaincy.

Media was at its criticising best, the ex-players were all defaming the cricket administration and the confidence of the Indian players was deeply damaged.

Later that year, M.S. Dhoni stepped up, took the leadership as a captain and Gary Kirsten was appointed as the coach of the team. The coach brought in a sports adventurer Mike Horn and in 2008, the team got together to set a goal. The team which was facing humiliation from all sides, who was being defamed by the fans and the media, facing alleged controversies of all sorts, came together to set their aspirations straight.

The Indian cricket team set a goal together that they wanted to win the World Cup in 2011. They didn’t only set the goal but also practised, planned and played like they really wanted to win the World Cup. And of course, they did it. The leadership was successful.


There are 3 ways of setting business goals-

Limitation goal: where you still hold on to your past while setting a future goal.

Reaction goal: where the mind is still going through a fresh memory of failure, but the reaction is that of desperation.

Aspiration goal: what the cricket team and the leadership team chose was an aspiration goal. Keeping the mind and heart free from all failure and keeping the future in sight, this goal comes from the space of freedom and love.


So, our question to all you readers is- what is your World Cup? What is the aspiration of your business? For creating aspiration goal, you will have to follow a framework and complete the step of setting business goals


  • Breakthrough objective:


Don’t worry about the ‘how’ right now. Just think about the ‘what’. What is that one breakthrough objective you want to achieve?


  • Purpose:


Why is it that you want to achieve that objective? Although for the Indian cricket team, the purpose was nowhere mentioned, but if your watch the interviews, each player said that they played for the living legend- Sachin Tendulkar. It was his last World cup and every player struggled to win this for him.

Thus, the ‘why’ needs to be a compelling reason that makes every member work towards the goal.


  • Goal:


You have to measure the goal or let’s say the score card for each and every department of your organisation. If each member in your organisation starts playing for your goal, only then can you win your world cup; only then you can say that your leadership gained success.


  • Theme:


Give your goal a name, theme it with a title. The moment of magic will happen if every one of you play your heart out.


Achieving business aspiration isn’t an easy task. These four steps with consistent efforts will ensure the win for you. These are some unique ways to grow your business. But your work doesn’t end at these four steps. You have to include your teams and design the objectives and purpose for them. These objectives and purpose have to be measurable goals for every department. Also, the leadership quality in you should be the first thing your employees should notice.

So, don’t limit your thoughts because-

“Our aspirations are our possibilities”

-Robert Browning