While planning, it seems easy to reach your goals that you have set for yourself. You can see the goal clearly and you know you will be able to achieve it. It is when you start taking action towards the accomplishment of your goal that you realise that there are many problems you have to face or milestones that you have to pass to reach your goal.

You must have seen a glass ceiling. Through the glass ceiling, you can see the sky clearly and it protects you from rains and sunlight. You might love such glass ceilings, but for a bird, this can hamper its flight.

In the same way, in entrepreneurship, you are the bird, the sky is your goal and the glass ceiling is the problems that you face. There are many layers of such glass ceilings.

Do one thing, list down all the problems you face in your entrepreneurship. These, actually aren’t problems for you, these are your stepping stones which you need to pass to reach your goals. These problems are your glass ceilings. It’s only when you subtract problems from your goals that you get Belief, Action and Results.

When you create a goal half-heartedly or if someone just dumps their goals on you, it’s human to have doubts. These doubts kill beliefs. Without belief, you would not be able to produce an outcome which was expected.

There are simple ways to achieve your goals. Most leaders set a goal and start creating action plans. This is proved to be an easy solution to business problems. This might be useful for the creation of limitation goal or reaction goals, but to create aspiration goals, you have to work backwards from the future. You do have to set a goal, but you also have to understand and pass your stepping stones.

The simplest method to do this is that once you have listed down all the problems you face in your entrepreneurial life, consider each one. Ask ‘why?’ repeatedly for 5 times. This is the 5 whys root cause analysis technique. Remember this to avoid failure.

The 5 whys analysis technique:

Why are you facing a problem?

‘Your teams aren’t effective enough’

Ask Why?

Maybe because ‘They do not trust you’


Maybe ‘You have forced your goals upon them’


Maybe ‘Your leadership style wasn’t effective enough’


Maybe ‘Lack of determination from your side’


Thus, we can conclude that from a simple problem, the problem changed into a stepping stone which is under your control, which you have to pass in order to emerge as a leader.

The simple solution for this problem is that you have to enhance your determination to emerge as a good entrepreneur.


Change on the inside to grow on the outside.

As a leader, you have to take responsibilities and change yourself if you want different and enhanced results and to reach your goals.

So, to sum it all up- to break that glass ceiling and take a flight towards your goal, you first have to understand your stepping stones and pass them.