When a woman embraces motherhood, she undergoes many changes. Mothers are known to complete any tasks given to them and thus are many times called supermoms. These changes make her stronger and that is why we think that a mother can be the best entrepreneur. Mother entrepreneurs are the best thing that can happen to the startup industry.

Recently, Next2Entrepreneur featured a mother entrepreneur. Mrs Rachna Acharya, the co-founder of Gorgeous Look. “Being the mother of a 5-year-old child, you have to dedicate time to your child as well as your business. But the maternal instinct comes naturally to me as a mother. Mother’s can go through the process with ease and grace as they are naturally trained for it.” But how can mothers turn into entrepreneurs?

Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why Moms can be the best entrepreneurs.


Great multitaskers:

The main factor why women can become successful entrepreneurs is that they are a great multitasker. Many men lack the quality of multi-tasking. Running a business requires your brain to be at many places at the same time. For mothers, it doesn’t require a separate training to learn this quality. Changing the diaper of her baby while reading a book or cooking food for her child while helping the child to complete the school work has trained her enough.

For entrepreneurs, it requires talents to complete the 500 different tasks in just a day, this is just natural for a mother entrepreneur.


They are the best problem solvers:

They have the practice of solving any problem within no time. Her child has trained her for it. Mothers deal with many problems all day long. “Mom I can’t find my bag”, “Mom I don’t want to go to school”, “Mom I want an ice-cream”, “Mom I fell down”, etc. As the child grows, the problems go on increasing.

For entrepreneur rapid problem solving is one quality which is a must. They come across 1000 problems every single day. A person who is afraid of these challenges can never become an entrepreneur. Mother entrepreneur can be the best problem solver.


Good networking skills:

Men have the quality of knowing it all. They do not like to go and ask others for their help and they do not chat unnecessarily. Mothers have these qualities. They have vast networks because of these qualities. They can generate a widespread word of mouth publicity for absolutely anything.

Entrepreneurship is all about getting the word out, to make people use the product or service at least once.


Natural Leadership qualities:

Women spend more time with their children than the fathers. Kids are extremely emotional and sensitive. Thus mothers tend to develop a natural instinct for emotions. Most of the times, they predict the next emotion and it turns out to the right thing.

As an entrepreneur, a person should always understand clients and employees in and out. When women say, “I don’t have a good feeling about this person”, it is mostly true. So, the leadership quality is one more thing to the long list of reasons why mothers are the best entrepreneurs.


Do not avoid problems:

When it comes to problems, men or fathers tend to avoid them. Mothers, mostly confront the problems with their children, “I don’t like the way you handle things”. They are not afraid to speak their mind. They know that problem is not resolved by delaying it, it is resolved by confronting it.

In entrepreneurship, the faster the problem is resolved, the better it is for the organisation.


So, can mothers become entrepreneurs? Of course! If you are a mom and are in a dilemma whether to go for a business or not, do consider these qualities in you. Lastly, thank you to all the mothers who have shown us the real values of entrepreneurship.