The sentences which we use daily show whether you can enhance your leadership skills or not. “It’s them”, “It’s me”, “It’s the way they are” or “It’s not my problem”, what do you do with these sentences? As an entrepreneur, or even in your personal life, what do you do with this awareness about whose fault it actually was?

You might say, “We don’t blame irrationally without a reason” or that “there were decisions which did not work” or that “only after multiple failures have we reached a point of helplessness.”

But let us ask you this- what got you in the cycle of blame, guilt, indifference, helplessness or limitation? Is it really what happened or is it the language that you used to describe what happened? Did getting into the cycle of the 5 bugs help you as an entrepreneur or even in your personal life? Has it in any way helped you to achieve good leadership skills?

No, it hasn’t. So what are some secrets to make life productive? Or to enhance your leadership skills?

We understand that there must have been an event which triggered these emotions and that it is totally human to feel them. But, when you get into the cycle of these five bugs- do you really get any solution to the actual problem.

Look at the bigger picture here: To have good leadership skills, one has to learn to take responsibility to make growth and progress happen. Your language is the mirror of your thoughts. You cannot think negative and expect something positive to just come along your path.

So, we give you 4 ways in which you can make, not only your entrepreneurial life but also your personal life productive and also improve your leadership skills; to not only be an entrepreneur but also to emerge as a successful leader.

How to bring all the good leadership skills in yourself:

To understand how to channel positive intentions into creating positive results and to make good leadership more productive, you need these four principles –


Keeping your mind open to learning

In leadership, when you say ‘something is impossible’, it just shuts your mind down on that particular task. In fact, impossible is only a justification for ‘not knowing’. It just fails to make your life productive. To be more productive in life develop a habit of saying ‘I don’t know’ and keep your mind open to learning and finding new solutions. Stay hungry to keep learning. Impossible is temporary and impossible is nothing.


Taking consistent efforts

Rome was not built in a day, is a lie!

Rome was built every single day as bricks were being laid every hour. If to build a beautiful empire like Rome, it needs consistent efforts then the same applies to building your own empire. Use your leadership and enhance, not only your organisation, also your personal life by conscious and consistent practice. It takes time to build a new habit, but only precise attention can help you develop it.


Changing yourself is just the first step

You can only speed up your performance by enhancing clarity, culture and competence. You have to change yourself to grow your business. But this change is only the first step. Clarity, culture and competence are like your seeds. You have to change the seeds to get a better fruit, which is a better output. Only if you enhance your leadership skills, you can see your organisation and your personal life grow towards achieving the goal.

Enhancing your language and thought process

Language is the source of all results. What you think or say is always what you get. Enhance your language to improve your results. Entrepreneurs will understand us when we say that we are our own boss, yet a slave to our own business. So, change yourself first and then think of gaining success in that business. This is also true for personal life. When you think twice before you talk, even with the people around you, only then can you emerge as a leader.


These four leadership ways should be practised even in your personal life to make it more productive. It helps you to bloom as a leader from an entrepreneur. And a great leader can lead the organisation to a better position. So, use these ways of making your life better. Keep learning! Keep growing!